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    Welcome Smart Starter

    • Welcome To The Smart Stewards Academy!

    • How to use this course

    • An Overview Of The Smart Stewards 4- Level Pathway To Financial Freedom

    • The Smart Starter : Your Starting Point

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    Your Relationship With Your Money

    • Your Personal Finance LANE

    • Having The Right Money Mindset

    • Your Temperament and Your Money Attitude

    • Having An Abundance Mindset

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • You Need To Familiarize Yourself With Your Finances! (Free E-book)

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    Spending & Budgeting

    • Budgeting

    • How Do You Budget an Irregular Income?

    • Analyzing Your Needs Versus Wants!

    • Emergency Funds

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    • What You Need To Know About Frugality

  • 5

    Managing Family Finance

    • Managing Your Family Finances (For Single and Married)

    • Download Finances In Marriage -YOM Money:( Your Money, Our Money, My Money)

  • 6

    Debt Management

    • What Is Debt? Mayowa Olusoji

    • Introduction to Debt and Debt Management

    • Reviewing Your Debts...Practical Steps by Sola Adesakin

    • Having An Abundance Mindset

    • Break Every Chain Debt (External Content)

    • Live Scenarios on Debt repayment (External Content)

    • Practical Things To Do To Stay Out Of Debts (Recap)

    • Are There Good Or Bad Debts?

    • 7 Reasons People Get Into Debt (External Content)

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