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Financial Literacy Is Not Caught, It Is Taught.

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Smart Stewards is a financial literacy platform that caters for Men and Women of all age categories on a financial independence journey and who are committed to taking hold of their finances with a mindset of accountability. We teach financial literacy tools and other productivity techniques

Other Financial Literacy Courses

Here are other courses within the Academy that come highly recommended

  • $200.00

    $200.00Fit-To-Fly Financial Plan course

    Understand the 6 elements of financial planning and build your own financial plan already. Get a free book as well
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  • $160.00

    $160.00Digitalize Your Diamond Online Course

    Learn to monetize your gifts and talents, plus all the resources you need to make it happen.
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  • $1,000.00

    $1,000.00Four Level Pathway To Financial Freedom (Overall Bundle)

    Get into the Four Level Plan for Financial Freedom, plus access to Sola Adesakin's Mastermind
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